Seize a dominant
market position.

Don’t merely move to Atlanta’s most prestigious corporate locale. Make a bold declaration of the status of your brand. Embrace a 21st century vision of what a workplace can be. Light a beacon of inspiration for a new generation of high-performance workers. Stake your claim to the finest talent available. Give them the environment to thrive.

A more healthy

The new workforce generation is more environmentally conscious than ever. They’ll like knowing Northpark is LEED-built from the ground up at the highest standards of the U.S. Green Building Council. Advanced mechanical systems. High-performance skin and water usage efficiencies. All promote sustainability while ensuring a high level of comfort and productivity.


At Northpark, open minds come standard. Clear heights over 12 feet high. Column-free interior space. Brilliantly intuitive, holistic design that gets every detail right and leaves absolutely nothing wasted. Smart, flexible, wide open. With an abundance of natural light to foster health, well being and let the divine spark of ideas shine.  And it all comes with a complete mixed-use playground, perfect for collaboration and innovation. Here you'll find restaurants, retail and hospitality all within easy reach, making the business of every day easy.


Prospective tenants drawn to the Northpark concept will love knowing even more options await. While 700 Northpark shares much of the same DNA as the rest of our development, this stunning office tower boasts its own unique ambience, design features and refined character. Its 10-foot ceilings and column-free floorplates allow for high-density occupancy and maximum efficiency, with the flexibility to create spaces as individualized or collaborative as your business demands. At 700, access to mass transit comes via a MARTA pop-up you can reach without even crossing a street. And of course, the full mixed-use experience of Northpark is just a few footsteps away.

Your decision just got a lot tougher.