Impeccably designed
to every detail.

Atlanta’s Central Perimeter equals prestige. Yet Northpark represents a definitive architectural advance. Brilliantly conceived and aesthetically stunning. A gleaming city unto itself with a sense of place specifically designed to both inspire and reward workers and visitors alike. Viewed from a distance or experienced moment to moment on a micro level.

Millennium made.

The new generation of high-performance worker craves choice and balance. The ability to collaborate, connect and share, within your walls and across thousands of miles. The option to steal away for deep thinking and focus intensely as one mind. Only Northpark gives you the power and freedom to tailor workspace precisely to the rapidly evolving needs of your people.

Work / Life.
Uniquely Balanced.

Stroll casually and comfortably to work. Meet friends and coworkers for dinner, drinks, shopping and more. Hop on rapid transit, GA 400 or I-285 and explore everything Atlanta has to offer. Escape on campus for a simple afternoon latte. Rediscover the genius that can strike any moment on a simple cocktail napkin.

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • Pedestrian-Focused
  • Transit Oriented